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2017 International Conference on Chinese Food Culture

Food and the Environment:
Challenges and Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The relationship between food and the environment has become a serious global concern. First, alongside conflict, environmental catastrophes such as floods, storms and droughts can have disastrous effects on food security. The World Food Programme (WFP) reports that in 2016 about one in nine people lack sufficient food to lead a healthy, active life, and poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of under-five mortality. Second, the production of food at the current levels by the earth's growing population has devastating effects on the environment and the climate, with agriculture causing deforestation, desertification, and releasing methane and nitrous oxide. Moreover, pesticides used in food production and antibiotics in livestock introduce dangerous chemicals into human bodies, and our air and water supplies. 

There is also a paradox in the food crisis. While in many parts of the world people are malnourished, in other parts, there is over-consumption and obesity. A further problem is the 'invasion' of, especially Western, processed foods that clash with local food cultures and can have deleterious health effects. 

In the face of these challenges it’s clear that we can address many of the issues above through the ways that we produce and consume food. This conference explores some of the fundamental challenges and solutions in securing a sustainable food future.

The primary purpose of the conference is to bring together international researchers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and with a variety of interests in food to:  
1) examine the current state of food and the environment
2) exchange ideas and knowledge about the breadth of innovative solutions and good practices to achieve sustainable food production; and 
3) establish networks for potential collaboration to pursue a sustainable food future.    

The conference sub-themes are as follow:
• Food security and climate change
• Food safety and risk management
• Food and health 
• Food heritage and culture 
• Food production and sustainable farming